Frequently Asked Questions


Questions about Account Maintenance.

I entered my address (or other information) incorrectly - how do I change it?
Login to your account through Bubba's Book Swap home page. Under the "Navigation" title is the link "Account Maintenance". Click on this link and change or update your information. 


I don't like giving my credit card information out over the internet, what happens to that information when I use your site?

Frankly, the Internet is MORE secure than giving your card numbers out over the phone. Someone can listen in on your conversation, pick up the signal from your cordless phone or tap into your phone line.
The data is encrypted and is processed on secure servers on the credit card processors site - not on Bubba's Book Swap site. Per the new credit card company agreements, your information must only be available to process the transaction and then be deleted. Bubba's Book Swap only receives the last 4 digits of your card number. Therefore no credit card information is "on file". Any merchant who has kept your credit card information is in violation of the agreements.


How will my books be packed? I hate to receive damaged books.

Bubba's Book Swap uses sealed plastic bags to protect the book inside the box from moisture and rubbing. We use multi-d boxes for a custom fit. For some smaller softbound books, a heavy bubblewrap mailer will be used.


Do you sell mostly used books?

Bubba's Book Swap sells both new and used books in our bricks and mortar store.  We aim to have all our inventory on line and are working on adding books daily. However in any books store the books get handled, sometime damaged, and might disappear.  We will contact you if the current condition does not agree with our posted description.  If you are collecting, please send us an email and we will pull the book, send you e-photos and a current description, and hold the book for 2 business days.  As always, if you do not agree with our description of the book contact us and we will send you a return label on our dime.  Remember, deeply discounted new books may have a remainder mark on them.


I hate remembering passwords. Why do I have to have an account? It seems like such a bother.

Your account information is only used for your shipping information, as mentioned in a previous question, there is no storage or presence of credit card data on Bubba's Book Swap site to hack.
Having an account makes it easy to log in and not re-enter your shipping or contact data. Also you can see the status of your order.
Your password can be something easy to remember like your first name. Sorry, but there's nothing a hacker would care to find out here and nothing someone couldn't get from the phone book.


What is the USD behind the price? Is the item Used? 

No, this means the price in US Dollars.


One book weighs less than a pound. Can it be shipped 1st Class?

Yes, Bubba's Book Swap will ship small packages weighing less than 7 ounces via First Class Mail when the customer chooses Media Mail (USA).


How come the shipping charges to my country are not found?

Sorry, at this time Bubba's Book Swap is only shipping to the United States.